Social Responsibility

Despite the industrial development Modula srl is linked to craftsmanship of Regione Marche, the area in which operates; thus combining the local dimension with the global.
Modula srl, aware of ever-increasing attention of consumers to reward responsible organizations towards territory and stakeholders, looks for to the optimization of production processes on the one hand and, on the other, reiterates the centrality of people in its business strategy.

Modula srl places the utmost attention, in fact, to the responsible use of resources, both preserving non-renewable energy sources and testing new products with technologies able to exploit renewable resources, such as solar power.
At the same time Modula srl is committed to preserve and share the traditions and the values of its territory in collaboration with institutions of Regione Marche; such as the partnership with the University of Camerino to promote innovative projects of young talents.