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Be the qualitative benchmark in the world of design.

The ambitious project of Modula srl is that of shaping raw material to create the future and transform the client’s vision into a concrete accomplishment that exceeds all expectations.


INNOVATION to design the future.
Modula srl endlessly develops innovation with the launch of unique products, providing new services, working on processes, analysing and acting on the entire value chain.
The projects of innovative architecture, interior design and high-tech products become now designable and feasible thanks to the DuPont ™ Corian®.

QUALITY; to achieve excellence.
Every product made by Modula distinguish for the extreme attention to details and for the high-quality standards, characteristics that allowed the company to undertake precious partnerships and joining, from its foundation, the pool of certified firms of Corian® Quality Network.

FLEXIBILITY to create value.
Thanks to the Know-How, acquired over time and internalized, Modula srl is resilient to market ebb and flow, able to constantly refocus its offering around the changing customers’ needs and renew continuously the internal organizational structure. Flexibility for Modula srl does not mean just adapting to the rapid pace of the market cycles, but transforming changes into opportunities and synergies, through every-day teamwork.

UNIQUENESS for the client.
Each realization of Modula srl is the result of a tailor-made project based on the specific needs of the customer. Modula srl personnel focus on providing services and products of value for the client, exploiting creatively their passion and expertise.
This is why customized creations are possible on multiple levels, from design to implementation.

CRAFTMANSHIP for the territory.
Despite the industrial development Modula srl is linked to craftsmanship of the territory in which operates, thus combining the local dimension with the global. All the features of craftsmanship Made in Italy found full expression in Modula products: quality, elegance, creativity, design, talent and passion.